About Us

George Walters-Sleyon is a singer/songwriter, poet and author.   He is passionate about music, academic and social justice. George’ singing repertoire  includes: African American Spirituals, Contemporary gospel,  Rhythm and Blues, and Social justice.  He is a worship leaders with research work on “Holistic Worship and Congregation Revitalization.”

George is a recording artist with two gospel albums:  Who is He and Hold  On You Will Survive. One of the songs from his latest albums: God’s Been Good to Me was nominated Gospel Single of the Year in 2004. He is presently working on a single.

Academically, George is a PhD candidate  at New  College University of Edinburgh in Scotland/UK but lives in Boston with his  wife and two kids. His research interests include mass incarceration, criminal justice reform, punishment,  death in prison, poverty and the penalization of the poor. George is the founder  of The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.-A resource and research center working towards community revitalization through criminal justice reform and strategic intervention  in the high rates of recidivism.