Beyond the Blues

Have you ever been at a place in your life where answers were difficult to come to you? That was how I felt. I released my third album recently with the title track: Beyond the Blues. Unlike my other two albums: I Believe and Hold You Will Survive, this album has two songs: Beyond the Blues and Have You Had a Moment. Beyond the Blues is the beginning of the release of several songs I have written in the past ten years in the US and Edinburgh/UK. I am planning to release them as a full album.

However, Beyond the Blues and Have You Had a Moment particularly capture a moment in my life at the University of Edinburgh/UK as a PhD student when things were just not falling in place. A sense of anxiety had stepped into my academic work in such a way that I needed the means to express what I felt on the inside. Songwriting became that medium for me. Looking back at that moment, I have come to realize that achieving your dream or goal in life comes with a price.

Beyond the Blues reflects the tenacity to succeed. It demonstrates the desire to move on beyond the immediate experience of hopelessness and negativity to a place of hopefulness and positivity. Have You Had a Moment in my view reflects a process of coming to terms with your anxiety and overcoming it. 

Check it out: Beyond the Blues

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