Book Launching & Public Presentation

Book Launching and Public Presentation of Research Findings

“Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons”

Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons: Caring for Aging, Dying and Dead Prisoners”

“Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons:”
While prison chaplains have historically provided care to prisoners, prison chaplaincy after 1970 has transformed. This book shows how prison chaplains face new challenges in caring for prisoners under the penal policies and practices of mass incarceration. The goal is also to provide best practice development from an international perspective. Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons consists of interview sessions with prison chaplains in the Scottish Prison Service in Scotland and prison chaplains in the United States: Alabama, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The book is a good resource for prison chaplains, academics, religious leaders, prison volunteers, students, and anyone interested in the intersections between chaplaincy, prison ministry, and the penal system. It also provides insights about navigating the prison culture and caring for prisoners during COVID-19 and the post COVID-19 era.

Join me for an engaging public presentation of my research findings and book signing. It will be accompanied by a panel discussion of prison chaplains, some of whom have been interviewed for this research.

Panel Discussion with Prison Chaplains

Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons

Venue: Roxbury Community College Auditorium, Roxbury/Boston

  • Date: Friday September 24th
  • Time: 5:30-8pm

COVID-19 Requirement:

  • Mask required
  • Six feet social distancing required
  • If vaccinated-Great!!

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