God in the Name of Jesus Christ: Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

What is it about “God in the Name of Jesus Christ?” What about God in the name of Confucius, Muhammad, Buddha, Tao, or Brahman?  Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity once told His Jewish disciples: “I and the Father are One,” and “Before Abraham was, I AM.”[1]  If Jesus Christ is the absolute “religious phenomenon” in union with God the Father then Christianity is a deeply mystical religion. Considering the birth, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ as the cornerstones, Christianity is fundamentally about the pre-resurrected and the post-resurrected Jesus. Upon His ascension was the descent of the

Holy Spirit as the continuation in human experience of the claims of God in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit became the only means for the propagation of Christianity. Not race, militancy, or civilization, but simply the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, if “All consciousness is consciousness of something,” then Jesus Christ is the consciousness of God, the Father. God in the Name of Jesus Christ is about God the Father who is immediate in caring, leading, healing, calling, redeeming, and delivering His own from the Old Testament to the New Testament with seamless continuity.

[1] John 8: 58.


Book Launching and Book Signing

Date: Saturday, December 17th,  2022 , Time: 3 pm-5:30 pm

Place:  Bethel AME Church Boston Fellowship Hall, 38 Walk Hill Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Book Launching/ Book signing and Public Presentation

This event will begin with a presentation